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In 3048, New Earth Kinetic Association. known as NEKA decided to develop a new weapon. A weapon that would change everything. The weapon that would end an era and start another.

Over the course of several years they developed something that would change everything. A range of Unseen Weapons. Not only that but the most powerful bomb the world would ever see, K3048B.

Mass destruction and terror it would bring and that it did. It was a cold and dark winters morning the time arrived. The day to change all days. NEKA decided to launch K3048B into space and store it to keep it away from Earth, the time had arrived. The time to launch the weapon into space accompanied by its transporter.

Prepare to launch all systems. Initiate systems in 3...2...1... The world watched as it all unfolded. The shuttle shot up and launched towards space. It was as if time had stopped for a moment and everything had froze. All life seemed to have paused in a magnificent and intricate way. But that was when it happened. Something wasn't right, the shuttle stopped moving towards space and within seconds it was if the shuttle lost all energy and shut down. It shot back down plummeting towards earth.

Wide spread panic broke out and you decided to do something. What could you do ? You were going to die. You quickly realise that behind the memories of your life flashing before your eyes you remember something. A distinct but fading memory of an old bunker you run, you run for your life towards the bunker you remember.

You start in 3600.  You are in a bunker, in a Cryogenic Pod, and you survived the crisis...

Your mission is to leave the bunker and embark on the journey of your life in this new age.



Pre-order Now$2.95 USD or more

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